Sep 6, 2012

I'm blessed - a lil tear-based note-

Salam semua.

Due to recent events, Deby melarikan diri ke Sarawak. Can you believe it? Deby sendiri tak percaya Deby boleh buat macam ni. But i will update about my vacation later.

Sepatutnya Deby fly ke London last Thursday. Tapi Deby postponed as I was not quite fit to fly.

Dan ada la a few things yang happened yang telah mengubah hidup Deby, like forever. Tapi tak apa, Deby percaya ada hikmah semua nie. There's always rainbow after the rain, Allah SWT has promised that much. I believed that the sufferings and hardships I faced for the past 8 months was just a test from Allah SWT, and I feel blessed for that. Tuhan tak akan duga kita dengan sesuatu yang kita tak akan mampu untuk tempuhi, and I pray everyday that I will be strong enough to face everything. Setakat ni alhamdulillah, I am still living and breathing, masih sihat dan kuat, masih waras maka saya masih lagi merasa nikmat Allah. Cukuplah untuk Deby. deby bersyukur dan tawakal dan redha.

And also, I feel blessed to have friends that supports me and lend me their strength for the past few days/months/years. I love you all. Thank you for all that. To my friend in Sarawak, thank you so much for your willingness to be my tourist guide, to be a good listener, to actually took 2 days leave simply for me, to bring laughter during my visit there, to feed me good food,  to make me fall in love with Sarawak and last but not the least for not letting me shed a single tear at that time. THANK YOU! i'll pray for your own happiness til the end of my life.

To my friend who is everywhere (kejap Malaysia kejap oversea), thank you for being a good listener, Thank you for your willingness to meet me when I need to see you, thank you for calling me when I need your advice (i knew long distance call is not cheap), thank you for understanding my pain and thank you for saying the exact right words that i needed to hear. I'm blessed for meeting you again after all these years. Truly. I will cherish our friendship until the end of my life. You proved to me that a good person with a good heart still exist in life.

To Amoi and Uda. I love you guys so much. Thank you for listening through my tears and pain. Thank you for being there. Thank you for coming back to me. Thank you for being so cutesy pervy. hahaha. Love you guys.

Thank you to my family too. When you guys heard the news, one cancelled her plan simply to be with me, thank you for your concern and understanding. Thank you for not gossiping (much) about me. Thank you for being supportive. thank you for not asking too much questions. and i will thank you if you stop smothering me! =) but i love you all.

okay i'm crying a bit now so i'll stop here. Tetiba 70% post ni in English plak, nampak sangat saya tengah emo.

P/S: i forgot to mention another person. actually at first I counted her as part of my family, tapi takut dia tak paham pulak. So, i would like to thank my beloved lil sister, Cik Pka Syeba. Thank you dear for being there for me, for not judging my actions throughout all this, for understanding my pain and to bring me joy and laughter for the years that i've known you. you will always be my little sister. :)

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